Take full advantage of your social media platforms by telling your story. You have full access to the world through your platforms. Make it happen!



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Does your business' storytelling need to improve? Does it not exist at all? Do you realize your business should be utilizing social media platforms to tell your story but you simply don't know where to start?

Let Us Help You.

Do you feel like the story pitches you send to news outlets are ignored? Do you feel like every email you send goes into a black hole? Are your wheels stuck in the mud when it comes to promoting the brand or organization you represent within the community?

Let Us Help You.

Don't continue on with a problem that can be solved. Let us help you with the solution.




Media Relations Basic

11 Course Videos | 7 Course Quizzes | 7 PDFs on Various Aspects of Media Relations | 1 eBook | 2 1/2 Hours of Content



Media Relations Comprehensive

23 Course Videos | 12 Course Quizzes | 9 PDFs on Various Aspects of Media Relations | 1 eBook | 4 Total Hours Worth of Content

$999.99 | Payment Options Available

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