Pick What You Need!

Press Release Writing: 

The description is in the title! We'll write the press release and send to you to release to your media contacts!

SAMPLE: https://kadevos.com/blogs/join-our-journey/queens-army-classic-underwear-underwear-on-a-mission


Editing Service: 

We will edit all your written content, from press releases to blog posts, to LinkedIn articles, internal communications and everything in between!

SAMPLE: https://kadevos.com/blogs/kade-vos-blog/kade-vos-partners-with-washington-state-university-to-celebrate-gender-expression


Blog and Article Writing:

Do you need something written? We have you covered! We’ll work with you to provide a piece of writing that fits your needs, from a short blog post about a specific topic, to a longer form article and anything in between!

SAMPLE: https://medium.com/@rex.carlin/are-you-slow-to-adapt-to-technology-start-here-9b726b3de879