Q: Why is storytelling so important for business-to-consumer businesses?

A: The art of storytelling captures the attention of the viewer in a way no other form of marketing or advertising can accomplish. The ability to make a person laugh or cry, the ability to inform and the ability to capture an audience’s attention are all imperative qualities for a good marketer or public relations professional in today’s climate.

Q: What businesses are best suited to utilize your consulting services?

A: In general, any B2C business or organization who is struggling in their media relations efforts and/or their in-house storytelling marketing efforts will find great value in Carlin Media Solutions.

Wineries, breweries, distilleries, restaurants, clothing brands, lifestyle brands, yoga studios, health and fitness businesses, support businesses in these industries and any other consumer-based business in a highly crowded space will highly benefit from our courses and consulting services. In these fields, your business MUST find a way to stand out, because in crowded industries, those who don’t stand out from the pack will get eaten alive and will eventually fail.

We want to make public relations and marketing professionals better at their jobs, but we also realize that many startups and small businesses like wineries and breweries don’t necessarily have dedicated PR and marketing teams. This information is especially important to businesses in this position because your whole staff should be trained on how to do basic PR and marketing work to pitch in and help out the business.


Q: What can my business expect from your consulting services?

A: You can expect direct feedback about what your business is doing wrong in its content creation, storytelling and public relations efforts. We won’t B.S. you. We’ll dissect your processes and let you know everything you’re doing right and wrong. Your PR and marketing teams (or whoever fills that role in your small business) will get trained on how to tell your business’ story utilizing creative storytelling techniques, informative dialogue, shareable content and more!. Most importantly, each member of your team will be able to use the skills and knowledge they learn for the rest of their careers. No matter how media platforms change in the coming years, the skill of telling your business’ story will carry forever.


Q: What are the online courses you offer?

A: BASIC Course: Perfect for individual PR and marketing professionals, small businesses and startups who want to improve their media relations skills. Getting news coverage is free of charge, so having the skills and knowledge to break down those barriers will be extremely valuable for your business.

COMPREHENSIVE Course (Available Starting May 22nd): Perfect for businesses of all sizes who want to dominate media relations and in-house storytelling. Includes everything from the BASIC course, and deep dives into the operations of newsrooms, the different types of media outlets, what type of media outlet is right for your business, how you can take advantage of that knowledge day-in and day-out and much more!


Q: Are you a PR firm?

A: Yes and No. We offer some of the services of a full service PR firm, but only the ones we’re comfortably talented at doing. The restaurant with the biggest menu doesn’t make the best food, and that’s our outlook on this industry as well. If you want something included that we don’t offer, we’ll do everything we canto help find someone to help in that area.

Q: Why do media outlets never run the story ideas I send them?

A: If you’re asking this question, you are the exact reason we launched this business. The reason for your struggles is almost definitely because you are sending story pitches or press releases to the news outlets that are fundamentally flawed, and that almost always has to do with the story pitch not being considered newsworthy. Remember, news outlets aren’t trying to help you. They’re trying to inform their audience. PR professionals need to play ball with that fact in mind when they send story pitches or press releases.

Q: Why do PR professionals have such a hard time communicating story ideas to the media?

A: Simply put, there is a disconnect between public relations and marketing professionals, and media professionals as to what makes quality content for media outlets that operate as independent journalists. The space for connecting these two groups in ways that can benefit both sides is wide open, but as a PR/Marketing professional, you need to set yourself up to be successful in your interactions with the media. Media outlets hold all the leverage in these interactions (because they control what content goes on the news), so it’s up to you to adjust!

Q: Do you offer options for individuals who want to improve their skill set (freelancers, employees looking to improve on their own)?

A: YES! Our basic level online course is best suited for individual public relations and marketing professionals looking to improve their professional skills, and is also a good jumping off point for startups and small businesses on the bootstrapping grind who need to improve in this area but may not have the resources to invest in one of the other courses!